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The youth in Hungary is grappling with significant challenges in today’s media landscape, marked by the proliferation of fake news and manipulation from powerful figures. Identifying reliable sources of information has become increasingly difficult, highlighting a pressing need for enhanced media literacy education

Our initiative aims to address this need by implementing best practices from countries renowned for their effective media literacy education – the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Through visits to three high schools in each of these countries, we seek to gain insights into successful media literacy programs and apply these lessons to the Hungarian context.

A cornerstone of our project is the creation of a student-run blog, fostering collaboration between foreign and Hungarian students. Together, they will produce articles covering a broad spectrum of media literacy topics, from identifying fake news to developing critical thinking skills. This collaborative effort not only promotes cross-cultural understanding but also enriches media literacy education by exposing students to diverse viewpoints and experiences.

The blog serves as a platform for open discussions and debates on media-related issues. Encouraging active participation and critical thinking, it provides Hungarian youth with valuable insights and knowledge from their international peers. By learning from countries with well-established media literacy programs, Hungarian students can navigate the complex media landscape with confidence and discernment.

Join us in addressing the challenges faced by Hungarian youth in media literacy through improved education and cross-cultural collaboration. Together, we can empower the next generation to navigate the media landscape with a critical and informed perspective.

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  • Student Articles and Posts

    Student Articles and Posts

    In this thread we publish student written articles and posts on the topic of media literacy, media literacy education and our presentation. Students are free to write anything regarding these topics. We publish the articles and posts after proofreading and publish without any changes other than fixing grammar errors. Article #1 Greetings to my fellow… Read…

  • Visiting Hungarian educational institutions to improve media literacy

    Visiting Hungarian educational institutions to improve media literacy

    We visited 10 Hungarian educational institutions to improve media literacy using our finding in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands. We did presentations at primary schools, 6-year high schools and classic 4-year high schools. We were very careful in how we did our job, giving talks in English and Hungarian language so that all… Read…

  • Navigating Media Landscapes: Lessons in Media Literacy from the Netherlands to Hungary

    Navigating Media Landscapes: Lessons in Media Literacy from the Netherlands to Hungary

    We took the chance to have stimulating discussions with numerous Dutch youth who had fascinating perspectives on media literacy education. We managed to conduct three interviews, this blog post summarizes these conversations we had in Amsterdam and The Hague. The vastness of information in our current era parallels the oceans, and digital platforms serve as… Read…

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